exterior rendering, vray render

Residential Tower Architectural Illustration

Sahana Residential Tower Exterior Renderings

Growing out of a highly dense area in Mumbai India, the Sahana residential towers rise from a very small footprint.  The 3d exterior renderings help showcase the design for the developer.

Architecture: orcutt | winslow

Services: 3d architectural illustration, 3d rendering


exterior rendering, vray render exterior rendering, vray render

January 9th, 2013

3d architectural visualization, exterior rendering

CRMC Hospital Patient Tower Exterior Renderings

Hospital Patient Tower Exterior Renderings

Architecture: orcutt|winslow

Services Provided: Architectural illustration –  This portfolio provides a 3D architectural visualization of the new CRMC Patient Tower illustrating exterior renderings showcasing the redesigned facility.

January 2nd, 2013

scnm exterior render

SCNM Exterior Rendering

Southwest Center for Naturopathic Medicine Campus Expansion

Exterior night rendering of a conceptual building to expand the SCNM campus.  This rendering was also selected for the cover of AZRE magazine.

Architecture: orcutt|winslow

Services provided: 3d architectural illustration, rendering

Notes: Published on cover of AZRE Magazine October 2008

exterior rendermagazine cover

November 16th, 2012

3d architectural rendering, vray render

Hospital Architectural Illustration

Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital Exterior Rendering

An exterior rendering was needed for a new public entry designed to increase the visibility of an existing hospital.  The goal was have an iconic entry that was aesthetically pleasing and also culturally relative to the Gila River Indian community. We provided rendering services to create the architectural visualization to effectively communicate the new design.

Architecture: orcutt|winslow

Services provided: 3d architectural visualization, rendering

Exterior rendering of Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital entry.

November 5th, 2012

Conrad Hotel Concept Rendering

Hotel Architectural Illustration

Conrad Hotel Concept Exterior & Interior Architectural Renderings

This set of architectural renderings was created to help show proof of concept for the development company to try and sell the idea of creating a new destination in downtown Phoenix.  The renderings were set in the evening to bring the life of building out with light and set the mood.

Architecture: orcutt|winslow

Services provided: 3d architectural illustration, 3d rendering, animation

hotel exterior renderinghotel interior rendering

October 15th, 2009